tik tok

Government Has Banned Tiktok App

Government has banned tiktok app Government of India has banned 59 mobile apps including Tiktok. There have been raging concerns on aspects relating to data security in both Android and IOS platforms for stealing and surreptitiously transmitting users data in an unauthorized manner to servers which have locations outside India. This can also be a …

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smart mask

Smart Masks

smart masks Face masks have become a part of our dressing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So, a Japanese startup Donut Robotics has developed a smart mask. This mask is connected via Bluetooth to the mobile, tablet through application. By connecting it we can make handsfree calls, coverts voice messages to text messages and amplifies …

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google sheets

A Smart Feature In Google Sheets

a smart feature in Google sheets Google Sheets will be getting ‘Sheets Smart Fill’ and ‘Sheets Smart Cleanup’ feature. The Smart Fill feature will automatically detect patterns between columns, generate formulae and autocomplete columns for users. The Smart Cleanup feature will help clean users’ data by finding duplicate rows and formatting issues. The tool will …

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Vortex generators


Have you ever thought the tiny little ridges on the top of any automobile, would actually help to increase the traction and prevent the stall in case of aircraft?Those tiny ridges are called VORTEX GENERATORS that are responsible for increased traction, lift, and stall prevention.Now, we are pretty sure that they have some role to play in aerodynamics. But, here comes the real question HOW?