How Stuff Works??

Let’s Learn how things work around us and know the technology involved behind the working of those things with us.

    Have you ever thought the tiny little ridges on the top of any automobile, would actually help to increase the traction and prevent the stall in case of aircraft?Those tiny ridges are called VORTEX GENERATORS that are responsible for increased traction, lift, and stall prevention.Now, we are pretty sure that they have some role to play in aerodynamics. But, here comes the real question HOW?
    An ink which has different mind-boggling features helps us to play safely in instances of thefts is developed by the brilliant scientists of CSIR in March 2020. This wonder ink which changes its color as and when it is exposed to a certain wavelength.
    Car to X communication- Cars have the intelligence to talk to any other electronic device which in turn helps it to move freely on the road without any hindrance. Such a technology is the need of this technology era. Where anything to everythings is automated.
    Have you ever imagined a 2-liter, 3-cylinder engine can produce 600Nm torque and 600HP? KOENIGSEGG achieved this with their TFG engine, a part of 4-seat hyper and hybrid car Koenigsegg Gemera. Learn engineering behind this holistic innovation of KOENIGSEGG.
  • VTEC
    VTEC(variable valve timing and electronic control) is a diverse innovation seen in Honda cars, wherein the speed and the economy are not juxtaposed anymore. VTEC ensures that the amount of charge varies with RPM which optimizes the volumetric efficiency.